Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Amazing World 1#

                                                                 Amazing Structures

Mcmurdo Buildings
          Mcmurdo Station is a U.S. Antarctic research station. It is located on the tip of Ross Island in Antarctica.It is the largest community in  Antarctica, capable of holding 1,258 people. Mcmurdo
was mentioned in many literature and movies, including the TV series Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. While science is the primary focus for the station, only about a small amount are scientist. The rest are for construction, maintenance and etc. So most of the residents do not even stay for the winter. A heliport, more than airfield(2 being seasonal), a harbor and Antarctica's only ATM. Also the station is so vast it has over 100 out-buildings. They have hydroponics to grow vegetables and fruits.

The color of the Marianna Trench
        The Marianna Trench is the deepest part in the world's oceans. It is the area in the world as well. The depth is approximately 11,033 meters.Mount Everest could fit inside it with a little over 2,000 meters left. It is it 1,580 miles long  and 43 miles wide. The pressure is at least 8 tons per square inch. Life forms that survive inside of this region naturally are adapted in such ways that they can survive the extreme cold and heat, pressure, harsh conditions(acidity), lack of light and abundant food sources. One such life form, the Angler fish has a light that hangs over it's face to attract it's victims(meals).The strongest bacteria can withstand 113 Celsius and the strongest animal (a crab) can withstand 50 Celsius. Scarily there has been some speculation that the trench could possibly be used to dispose of nuclear waste. While this is prohibited by law, there are even greater natural effects of this. Including contaminated ocean lifeforms and the waste coming back to shore. Also many countries such as Japan live in this region they would be hit first by its bad effects.

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