Wednesday, October 30, 2013

An interpretation of "real ugly,real fast"

                                                            Reading Response

          I recently read the Story Real Ugly, Real Fast by Jed Horne. This story was about Hurricane Katrina and about the aftereffects of the storm. In this story he outlines, how many people had nowhere to go and where therefore forced to take shelter in a place titled the "Dome". In here many people people were forced to abandon elderly people, or disabled people. The hygiene was less than ideal, which led to people having to improve latex gloves for feet protection for patients. Also many people did not have enough food. The shelter stank, had no privacy and held to many people. The conditions here were less than ideal and can lead to some people asking why would someone willingly put themselves inside of this position.Well the answer is that they wouldn't, people were not prepared and had no other plan and other means of survival. So they had to shelter in a place not fit for prolonged human life. Preparedness however would only have taken these unfortunate people only so far. Their homes being destroyed probably held any materials they could not immediately evacuate. Though the storm was very devastating this was a important lesson to everyone to be prepared and to that even the best plans can be destroyed. The people of who were devastated showed resilience in the fact that they did not let this setback, set them back.

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