Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Water and My views

                                                          Water: My View
         My previous blog post on water were based on some factual evidence, other than my personal views. This one focuses on only my views and a response on a picture , I saw recently.This picture shows the areas that have very few access to water in dark red. From this photo I can see that the areas that need more clean water are mostly Africa and Asia. North America, Canada, Russia and Australia have the least need for Water. Also European countries and few African Countries have accessible water. Water is the most important aspect of our lives. Money is second, because you need water to survive. People inside of these countries with accessible water who want items that are not needed for enjoyment and those who waste. Every time you waste water or other needed items think of those who need them. Think that you are more fortunate. Even though there are many things I want and need I think that there are people out there who do not have even the most bare resources. Water is needed for survival, with a planet that is basically made of water, why are some people without water? There is no excuse. I was asked to create a blog for school and I now realize the power of words. We all have a opinion and we have to say as much as possible with these words. We have the power to change and help.These people without water can be helped if we take immediate action. We all have realize our own part in this  problem. We have to help. We are Earth and Earth is us.
Water is needed, we have opinions. Put those 2 together
to create a solution. 

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