Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Power Of Words

                                                       The Right

We are words
A tool to express words
A game of words
  Words are the base of many extraordinary ideas and changes. Words are the base opinions. But not only are Words the base of change, but pictures are to. That however is something totally different. People communicate through words and other means, but those things are also some other topic entirely. This post is about words and their power. When I first entered college I looked at words as merely mundane objects and something overrated. Now however I see that words are useful life changing devices. I call them devices, because phones and cars are considered devices and words have had the equivalent effect on us. People like Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, Rachel Carson and Hilary Clinton have all used words to change the world to believe their opinion. These people believed in something, created a belief and made it real through words. Words can be expressed through anything such as blogs, newspapers, letters, lectures, power-points etc. They used words to express themselves and their belief. And words can be expressed by anyone young or old, any race and any financial standing. We can use Words to say we want a job, we dislike pollution or we want equality. And words are not just limited to a single language, but can be used by Russian, Japanese, Australian or Greek languages. Words are a right and in America, Freedom of Speech is valued and given to it's citizens. While we Americans may have a right to express themselves through words, many countries do not have this right.
A picture is worth a thousand
words; a thousand words are
worth a picture.
  We have to treasure this and use it responsibly. This right can be used to change our lives and others, sometimes we may be oppressed but we can use our right of words to change. People can feel differently and change things that is what we must realize. Our word matters, and usually there are many people with the same opinion as ours. This validates us and makes it so we know that people share our opinion and we have support to express our right. But not always are we right. Sometimes we are wrong, and what then? Sincerely I do not know. People don't like saying they are wrong, the most I can say is we have to be mindful of our behavior. We must think severely before speaking and think 200 times before we speak. Sometimes our minds can over speak our mouths, meaning we can say things that are best censored. So in short words can be used to better us and our surrounding, but they can be used to hurt and destroy. We must be careful.

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