Sunday, November 3, 2013

Yourself in 10 years

                                                                   The future of  you                                                          
Constantly moving

Human Progression.
Can you feel this?
Do you agree?
What do see yourself as 10 years? Do you have a job? Do you have a family? Are you happy? While everyone is case sensitive there are some similar constants. Like the human maturing of life, humans tend to live in the moment, not looking toward the future. They feel as if the world is not going to change or that is going to change.They miscalculate how important their actions are. But in 10 years or 1 year your life changes can affect you so much. It can change noticeably or in very unnoticeable ways. But in every way it changes and defines you. Many people within months or years of their life develop diseases, attend college, get married, die, gain 20 pounds, lose 10 pounds or grow a inch. The change does not however just affect humans it affects the Earth and all of it's lifeforms as well. Around Thanksgiving many Turkeys develop life changes by their families being slaughtered by hunters. Other animals die of poisoning , go lame or their habitats are destroyed. That is why many humans decide to think in contrast, others lives are worse so their is relatively good. But that is not so. As humans we constantly move and develop. So back to the question, what do you see yourself as in 10 years? It depends on who you are, I however will be in my late 20's and I hope to have a job in nursing. If you do not look that far you should because life and Earth are moving extremely fast and if you stop for even a moment you will fall behind. People should see success for themselves in the future, they should be self satisfied. What is success though? Success is defined as being able to succeed in the progressing world. That means having a financial source and being resilient. Also your life does not have to be stereotyped or what others want it to be. You should be happy, as the life you made is yours. Social restrictions are however applied to many parts of your life for safety and because of human fads. In short, you should prepare, and set goals for the next decade or this decade of life. The question "what will you be in 10 years?" can only be answered by you though. There is a saying "that a butterfly flapping it's wing in America will affect the wind in Japan".

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