Monday, November 11, 2013

The Opaque eye

                                                                                What we see?

Daydreaming could be a

What is your view, what is your ideas of the world? Are you optimistic or pessimistic is the glass half full or half empty? Are you even in this world at this moment? Where are you? Well, I asked you these questions to show you that I have no idea where you are, and the world I live in could be much different from the world you live. When I say world I do not mean planets and universes, I mean your mental state. I have already stated in previous blogs that I think we all live in the same physical world. But what happens in your mind and what happens in your life are only related by a thread.

Daydreaming is a tool for life
You may say why? Well, they are 2 different worlds and it really depends on how much time you spend in each. Do you daydream your day away? Or are a real into life person? Or are you both? Because you can live in the mental state people call daydreaming for 3/4 of your life and survive without truly living. I define life as the place where you progress and do not control every aspect. So are you in life. People spend there days doing various activity going to college, getting married, eating, driving and raising children. All of these activities include you being engaged, or your supposed to be. But are you? I sincerely do not know. Most people would never willing tell. But you can see that many people to escape boring or non-interesting task they escape using daydreaming. And while daydreaming is shown to increase creativity, when is it to much? And how do you measure this? The answer I think is impossible to determine, you may say I give up easily, but I think that such a answer is impossible. Their are to many people in the world and all of them are to different. Diversity is a thing that makes this world non-calculable. While daydreaming is a good tool, it should be used when the user does not have to engage themselves in other task. Living your life in a world that is separate and completely different from the one that holds your life, is dangerous. We all have to make a effort and try to change this world into a approachable environment. And when I say everybody I mean you, everybody, in the entire the world. Messages should have no racial filters and political boundaries.

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