Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The amazing World #3

                                                            The World we live in

Statue atop the Trajan Column
The Trajan Column
Inscription on the Trajan Column
          Trajan's Column is a column located in Rome, Italy that was completed 113 A.D. The column is 95 feet high, 126 ft counting it's pedestal. It contains 20 parts to it's column that weigh 32 tons each. It is made of marble. And the statue that crowns it's top was replaced 3 times, having been stolen once and not approved the first time. Inside this structure there are 185 stairs to a spiral stair case. Also, in the inscribing that winds around it's column the Emperor Trajan makes 59 appearances.


El Castillo, in Mexico
El Castillo is located in Mexico, in the Yucatan region, in the ruins of a city called Chitzen Itza. El Castillo is the Spanish name for "castle". It was built by the pre-columbian Mayan civilization. It is located in approximately the center of Chitzen Itza. It was reconstructed by the Mexican government in 1920-1940. The inside has many features including a throne shaped like a jaguar and a large staircase.

The Nile
The front of the great  sphinx of Giza
  The great sphinx of Giza is a limestone monolith( the largest in the world) that stands 66 feet high, 63 feet wide and 241 feet long. It is said to have the face of Pharaoh Kafra. It stands on the west bank of the Nile. This structure is mentioned is mentioned by Pliny the Elder. Researchers say it was constructed in 2500 B.C.


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