Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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Free writing: Anything goes
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Free Verse Challenge:
My brain child
          My blog is supposed to about to be about whatever I want it to be. So I decided to Free Write. My Psychology textbook said that free writing helps creativity and who does not want to be creative. So I basically write whatever comes to mind and whatever is really cool or trending in my mind at the moment and then I put clever, strategically placed pics to highlight my point even more than it is already highlighted. This blog however is not just about my point it is also about factual evidence that I gather. Because this blog has, if anything, given me a voice . One louder than it was before. I find numerous things that interest me and that I find exciting, and then I blog about it. Like my the amazing world series, I have found, over the years and by surfing Google numerous works of arts that I think need mention. These buildings and places are truly awesome and need notable mention. I think that the 7 wonders of the world is small and noninclusive, including the modern one. So I fixed it, sort of. Anyway, I put up a list of things I liked, because I thought it was cool and it really outlines what I like, at least some of it. I have a lot of plans for it to like a list of notable people and a series of post on baffling facts. And nothings funner than not editing, free writing means no editing. I hate editing, but I do a little, to keep it making sense. Apparently you cannot put adult content on school blogs or write them in a different language (even though I do have a translator). I would not put adult content on it anyway, my blog will always be family friendly. I thought it was necessary to ask, though. Decency is a principle to me. The rest of the blogs were about pressing issues, like water, pollution, and technology's affect on the world. I started slow though, my first post were small and descriptive. My first month only had 2 post. But I am faster now and I see more things I want to respond to. Anyway I am going to create another list and maybe another on important dates. I am also going to write about pictures that I feel have deeper meaning and express feelings. My first one was not that good, but the only bad opinion is no opinion. So good bye, I write post, edit them and then post at a later date so my blog is always moving.

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