Sunday, November 3, 2013

The roads of life

The world we live in like a gem,
with so many facets.
                                                                          Paths of life
So many paths, so many decisions.
Sometimes the path is dark and lonely.
Do not despair.

I have analyzed the world we live in to not be linear. And have analyzed this world to have many facets and areas. And to be heavily influenced by the paths of life that we take. First analyze the paths that can be taken in a person's life. One path takes them down a path never traveled and the other takes them another path that has never been traveled. So which do they take? Which path will lead to success? No one can tell, because many paths have smaller paths that also lead in different directions. So how do we determine which path to take? We determine which path to take by learning all we can and being mindful. Whats more is that these paths are not physical paths, but decisions that we must make over the course of our life. And by taking certain routes we are not only affecting our life but the lives around us, and therefore the world. People do not always think that life can change for the good or the bad in merely seconds or decades. They tend to focus on the bad in their life and how that bad is constantly hurting their life. But the paths of life can lead you to good and happiness. They are also directly affected by your actions and your environment. Also peoples paths cross constantly. So we have to stay mindful of what we do and remember that as fast as one is destroyed or crossed another one is created. We cannot stay with our heads in the clouds and try not to recognize what is happening with our lives. We have to be sure of what we do and how we do it, because even though every path will not lead to success some will. And the ones that do not will be examples for others.

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