Sunday, November 3, 2013

The road we take

                                                          The world is what we make it

         Many people make excuses for others behavior and for their own. But the reality is that humans make some conditions themselves. They place blame on others in a futile effort to make themselves feel
better. But placing blame is only a very cowardly human trait. And when I say human trait, I do not know other lifeforms that do this. The human reality is that for many years they are dependent on others for life support and then they must become independent. While this is not everybody it is the human norm. Humans develop a functionality over this time, that is supposed to carry them for their life. They can affect this by their own views and actions. By going to school, making decisions and creating relationships and connections, we are systematically changing our lives.

We all are direction and we also need it.
We are like Waves.
But people can see that through making certain decisions, we are affecting our life. Once a decision is made or a action is taken their is no button that makes it go away, a button that can rewind life. We have to realize this and try to make the best of life so that we do not have regrets. People have to realize that there are many paths that their life can take if they take any path. The world is a diverse environment and every moment of our existent we are influencing it with our personalities and our actions. But a fish splashes it's tail, bird's flap their wings and humans live. And when I say live I mean that there is no set behavior for them as they are all so different. So far I have analyzed humans that are all different but share some similarities with others. We are like waves constantly moving and always different. We change our environment for better or for worse without any thought for the future generation or anyone else. We set ideals and create stereotypes. We pollute and endanger species. We have to realize that the world is what we make it and that we are not the only people here. We are not the only lifeforms. There are deer, whales, polar bears and the human future generation that we share this Earth with. We have to be responsible and choose the right path. We have to care and be guardians of this land we call home. There are no excuses this is your home and this your life so protect it and live it up.

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