Monday, November 18, 2013

Interpretation of a inconvenient truth

This happens every day;unnatural
                   The basis of this movie was to convince you that global warming is real. However this movie does not describe whether it is it real in a straight forward manner. Al Gore dances around the subject, and tells stories instead of getting to the point. His subjectivity of a subject that is highly objective, shows you that he is biased. Instead of showing the pros and the cons, he shows you a lot of nature photos and wants you to associate his message with nature. I think that his message is very persuasive and
his efforts to portray himself as humble, leads to him appearing untruthful.  He compares and contrasts a lot, I think as a persuasive device. He also makes parts of the movie very emotional and then transitions into solemnness which takes his viewers on a emotional roller-coaster. One way he does this is by telling of the person he knew that died, this person only relates to Global Warming in a round about way.He tries to gain the support of his audience by telling facts with a lot of evidence to back him up, while this gains our confidence in him, he also dances around the topic and tells stories instead of getting to the point which drops the audiences defenses. Al Gore also attempts to portray himself as humble and caring, as he tells stories and shows

pictures of himself in his youth and tries to associate himself as a caring individual and nature oriented. Also, I think to confuse his audience he tells evidence repeatedly. And while he has a lot of diagrams and photos, he never actually comes to a point and tells what has to be done so that global warming can be fixed. He also never directly insults his audience by saying that they are the ones that are doing the pollution and therefore  bear the blame for the global warming, which makes me come to the conclusion that this was a way to run for some office. Al Gore, also, never really smiles inside of his intro , he maintains a somber expression while laying down the facts to his audience. While he does dramatize his facts, I do partially agree with him about Global Warming. I think Global Warming is going on and I and everyone needs to take a stand against it in order to keep this world ready for our children.Some facts can be strained out of this movie to help people understand Global Warming.This world is going to drown unless we stop pollution. We have to recycle and stop dirty energy. Movies tell of the ocean level rising, and it is good learn from dramatized politicians and sci-fi movies what facts we can to better ours and the next generations lives.

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