Saturday, October 26, 2013

Role Models

                                     What is a Role Model?

           What is a Role Model? A role models is a person who's actions or behavior others choose to emulate. This person serves as a example for many people and that means children,
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adults and even social standards. People change themselves to fit social molds that was created by role models. What these people are emulating can be either positive or negative. The influence can also be widespread or be low-spread, the influence is effected by people's susceptibility and the presence of other role models. Role models are humans like other people and are therefore susceptible to changes and negativity. That means that people who are role models can do negative actions that affect many people, this is why role models have to watch what they do because their not just acting for themselves but for others as well. This brings us back to the question "What is a role model?", this can be further answered as anyone. Meaning anyone is and can be a role model. People have a audience that watches them and emulates their behavior, if the action is negative the role model is not only hurting themselves but also everyone following them. This why true responsibility is watching not only your behavior but also how your behavior will affect others. When I say anyone is a role model I mean that everyone is emulated by someone, this includes celebrities, family members, politicians, professors and students. Role models are not limited to a certain group of people, or a certain criteria. Role models are not excuses though for us to mess up and then blame them. Being different and not conforming is a good way to stretch your personal limits. We have to filter through negativity, not absorb it. Role models are examples their mistakes teach us what not to do.

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