Friday, October 4, 2013

My passion

                                                                      My Passion


          For a class project I was asked to describe my passion. I have found this task very hard , because  I can not describe my passion or determine what it is . So I will state my passion as "trying to find my
passion" or worth in the world. I am currently in school to become a nurse, I want to become a nurse but I would not consider my passion as caring for others. I am currently using school as way to mature myself and help me determine what my passion is. My pursuit of a passion can help me, more than other peoples finite passions by giving me options and a choice for which options to choose and not being influenced my own subconscious. Passion that are definite lead the person to already have a predetermined path. I think that it is not uncommon for people to not  know what their passion is and to search for long time for it. I think inside of these cases their passion it not yet determined, but is instead the pursuit of a passion or worth. My pursuit of a passion will help me try harder to succeed. I will perhaps find my passion somewhere along my long journey through college or perhaps at the end of my life. My search of a passion will lead me to look more closely at aspects of life and examine them with care. Also I think that one person can have many passions that help define them and give them worth. In hindsight I think that my pursuit of a passion will lead me down many roads and eventually to different lands and experiences. Peoples passions enrich and define them and mine can do so as well.So as long as I stay creative,passion should come to me and if not I still maintain creativity which will be useful in all my endeavors. So a word to us all is to stay creative , even if you have a passion.

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