Thursday, October 24, 2013

Water (Earth Life force)

                                                   WATER (Earth's Life Force)

          Water is needed for all life forms and cover's 71% of Earth's surface. It is a chemical compound that is found in large concentrations in oceans and seas. While 3.5% is found in found in ice caps, groundwater and vapor, 95.6% is found in ocean and seas.

Water is seen as earth's force, being present in almost every object Earth wide in some proportion. And even though water is present almost anywhere and needed by everyone only 2.5% is fresh water. And of this shrinking proportion only a small amount is accessible for drinking and consumption. Water can be seen as a baffling object due to the fact that it is necessary for human survival even though it contains barely any nutrients and absolutely no calories. It is lack's a odor and taste and the only physical property it has is being liquid and clear.Water however is useful for human hygiene, food preparation, cooling and transportation and it's uses in agriculture. Even  though being a needed asset many people do without water or clean water. More than 2.5 billion lack adequate water for sanitation, and another billion lack access to appropriate drinking water. And due to pollution many people in the near future will have trouble getting access to clean water. This is insane since Earth  is covered in the resource of water. The large volume of water that is on top of Earth makes it unique, since many planets do not have water in such large volumes. Although water is probably in large supply elsewhere due to the large amount of hydrogen and oxygen that is contained in other areas of the galaxy and possibly the universe. But Water is not only is needed for Earth's life's forms it is also used to keep a constant temperature in the atmosphere. Many people know the importance of water and it's needs in human societies. These people study water's movement uses, pollution and other aspects in a study called hydrology. Hydrologist study many aspects of water including it's potability. Potable Water is considered water that is drinkable water. Water such as this goes through massive filtration and distillations to rid it of natural pollutants and human made pollutants. Even though human pollutants can be more dangerous due to the fact that they create dangerous forms of waste water called grey water(is treatable) or backwater (contains sewage). Water is 1 of the most important things needed in the world. Yet it is also one the most neglected and over sold assets in the world. Water is sold by many companies at inflated prices even though it was for free. People also validate massive cleaning processes for water, that in many cases is not necessary and sometimes even inadequate. Water is one of the most needed assets in the world, we should protect like we try to protect and youth and our lives. Water is our future and a right, by destroying water we are systematically destroying the world and our value as humans.
The process of a free right (Water)

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