Friday, October 25, 2013

Effect of technology on daily life

                                                Technology: Friend or Foe

In this day and age technology can be applied to basically any problem or situation that presents itself. This dependence upon technology has resulted in the lessening of communication in human households and a decay Earth's social structure. This decay can be attributed to the fact that humans are using more computers, phones and portable music players and ignoring human contact and human interaction more. Instead of sharing meals and
spending time together they watch television shows, which shows artificial situations and does not promote living in the real world. Watching TV and playing video games has people using artificial characters as their role models instead of parents and other people around them. This can lead to a skewed perception of reality. Portable music players while they can allow for relaxation and blocking out of life stressor's and other unfavorable life situations (Blocking out the stressor is not helpful for building positive coping and problem solving methods). These technological devices are prime examples of distractions that can affect all aspects of your life including school, jobs and family life. And distractions if not properly handled can cause low grades, low performance in your jobs and estrangement from family members, work friends, or even fellow students. While there are countless ways that these devices can affect your in negative ways, they can also influence you. TV's can help you see parts of the world that would otherwise be unattainable. People can also use TV's for relaxation and to update them on important news updates such as weather warnings and political developments. And children can even benefit from a wide range of educational shows that are shown on networks. Video games can be a source of entertainment and can be educational. Some consoles even include physical aspects that includes the player to move. The incorporating of exercise is good, because America is growing obese, due to the fact of less physical activity and more sedentary behavior. Another massive problem is the over use of computers. The term computers is very broad due to the fact that almost every technological devices contains a computer, I however narrowed it down to mean Desktop computers and Laptop computers.These computers can be a source of knowledge, allowing it's users to access massive online intelligence caches. However, their use should be policed, because children and others can access inappropriate material. Technology in the home can be a useful addition if properly monitored and not overused. Technology is only as good as it's user.

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