Friday, October 25, 2013

Are we being responsible to the future generation?

        We might be slightly stuck on selves, but the world does not revolve around us. The world
is constantly moving toward the future and that means the constant growth, rebuilding and reassigning of nearly everything in existence. This concepts means not only political leaders, human built structures and the human aging process, but new generations of humans and other life form. Humans of the older generation are always responsible for the rearing and education of the younger generation. These humans are responsible for keeping the Earth safe, creating lasting and fair laws and dealing with other nations and human groups. But sometime the elder generation becomes lax and does not handle their responsibility. The result? Groups who are unfairly treated because bogus and excluding laws, nations who are treated in a improper fashion and a Earth that is taxed, abused and milked dry of resources. These actions are only teaching the next generation that they are okay to continue and leaving this generation with a very raw deal. Since we are all role models we have to be careful what we do, say or how we act, because youth watching are learning from this behavior and will emulate it. Conservation is a important factor in our lives as role models,we destroy the Earth and use all of it's resources with little thought to the others. By causing global warming and helping create conditions that facilitate polar ice caps to melt, we are being inconsiderate. We have to be mindful of what teach the future generation. Because these principles, morale's and values that they learn in their developmental stages will define them and this world, because the world is only what we make it. Handling events is especially important, because the way they see us handle events or people that are classified as different will be the way they handle people. We have to be diverse and teach equality and show them that freedom is a right that all Earth's life form inherit.

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