Sunday, October 27, 2013

The pursuit of education

                                                 The Subconscious Human Pursuit

Human's are constantly looking for ways to experience
The human knowledge base;
Will it keep it flying or
burn up and die?
happiness and learn, even if they do not think so. Earth's life forms since the dawn of their existence have philosophized and sought intelligence. This is partly because their curiosity and partly due to their inborn want to always improve themselves. Humans create elaborate social structures and put knowledge at the top of them. Even in this time of educational decay the humans of Earth are creating unique and life changing items. Humans have always tried to create objects to better serve themselves, they created cars to travel farther and faster, stoves to cook faster and more efficient, electrical lighting to light them at all hours safely, furnaces to heat without chopping wood and refrigerators to preserve food year round. Even though humans constantly push their boundaries and better their selves constantly, one can maybe think maybe human's are getting too smart for their own good? Maybe humans should just stop trying to better themselves, so much , and just settle down? Maybe this betterment comes at to ss than ideal. Yet education is held in high esteem, you need higher education in jobs to progress in many cases and people with degrees are more likely to get a job and keep it than people with less education. And schools have experienced a increase in tuition. This means that education is still one of the #1 values of Earth, yet Humans hold other values as a facade over it. But knowledge being the subconscious force behind drive, lives on throughout human pursuit.
School: A structure for the production of knowledge.
great of a price, our humanity, the land we call home? Why would we think this way? Because even though humans are bettering themselves they are destroying other lifeforms and their home world. Which both these things cannot be recreated successfully as of yet. And even if they can be in the near future is it worth it. Humans have even experienced decay of their educational structures due to a progressive collapse in their economical system. They have had to shut down schools and their drop out rates are le

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