Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our Efforts

 A dying land

          The Earth is a magnificent structure, because of it's ability to produce and sustain all of it's life
forms. We do not have to go to other planets or universes to live we can exist on this planet, which as unlimited resources. One might say "This world does not have unlimited resources, look at human hunger and energy needs". But this is inaccurate, because Earth's resources are just abused and human greed powers these problems. If Earth's resources were not overused we would all have enough for a really long time.

It is proven that while some countries are starving some are borderline obese. America has expanded in recent years, not just weight wise, but also object wise. America constantly buys stuff and then junks objects. America is responsible for some of the largest amounts of junk in the world. And it is not just because of the American population. There are countries with more population, the problem is greed. If sharing occurred, many people would do without hunger problems. American's however are not the only to blame we live in a world where commercialization and objects are held in higher regard than human life. We have to change before the end comes.  The humans of Earth has pushed some animals to near extinction, then after the fact they try fix the problem with zoo's and other unnatural environments. We have change before the damage from  pollution becomes permanent. Although the Earth since it is greater than ourselves can probably heal itself, but definitely not in our lifetime or our children. This is why we must show responsibility and stop this pollution, now. Even those of us who are trying to lower our Carbon Footprint, if we do not spread awareness to our families and friends we are not doing our part. Like the domino effect if we tell some people those people will tell others until a large population knows and is working towards it.

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