Friday, October 11, 2013



          Some popular quotes on time is that "time flies when you having fun" and "time is only has as fast as its user" have took on a large meaning to me. Time has appeared to move faster, since I have entered college. But I know that time has not really sped up that much, but instead my perception and focus on time has changed. My work load has changed, therefore, I have less time to do assignments and even some superfluous task. Addressing the quote "time is only has as fast as its user" I have been moving faster as to get more out of the time available to me. I have prioritized sufficiently as to get the most out of my time and have been rewarded with a balanced life. I have observed that though there may seem to be less time, the time you have if balanced properly can always suffice. Moving to fast ,however, should be avoided. Imagine if you move so fast that you lose track of what you are doing and cannot recall what you did. This can manifests itself as speed reading or any task (religious, educational or otherwise) that is performed so fast that it is not fully processed by the person doing it. Be mindful of your task, you can be fast and efficient. I have realized that if you internalize your task you get better results and get it done faster.As the saying goes "time flies when you having fun". So enjoy your task, for even faster results.

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