Friday, September 6, 2013

Polar Ice

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Satellite Tracking?
                                         Polar Ice : Why global warming is one very hot topic?                                                                                         Polar ice is diminishing at a larger rate now than before 10,000 years ago.Their death could mean the end of some species or complete lifestyle changes of many other species, such as birds, many land-dwelling creatures, and even humans .To understand the importance behind this, we must understand first what global warming is and why it poses such a threat .Global warming is the rise in average temperature of Earth's oceans and atmosphere. So when global warming affects areas such as the polar ice ,it causes them to melt leaking fresh water into Earth's water bodies changing marine living conditions and causing the water level internationally to rise. An example of global warming changing living conditions, is polar bears. Polar bears have been effected by global warming because their natural environment is melting ,which leads to some of their food to leave. Since the natural environment for polar bears to live in is the polar region, when global warming (GW) causes their environment to melt and their food sources to leave or die , they can no longer live the same way they were living previously.They will experience changes in hibernation(they will have to hunt more ,during the winter), they will breed less(leading to less polar cubs) and due to both of these factors their weak will die of hunger and their population will reduce drastically in number. Global warming cannot be blamed though, if the ozone layer was never weakened, the sun would not have been able to access the earth with its powerful rays.Humans have caused this occurrence and will have to pay for it. A few people watch the changes of the earth and see its  ill effects on global warming ,higher ocean-levels and warmer temperatures. Peoples use satellites to interpret earth's messages and find solutions for the current nature issues. Some researchers have used satellites for as much as 20 years (this is a lifetime for many people), they use their satellites to track global warming from space. Some of the most valuable research on this subject is gathered from space ,the weakened areas of the ozone layer, gases built up in the atmosphere and the rapidly melting ice caps. In conclusion, whole islands are being consumed due to the rising ocean level, and the world is going through massive droughts and fires due to global warming.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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