Friday, September 20, 2013

My Home

                                 The land I call Home.

A home can be anything and anyplace.

Producing land/a orchard.
 I live in agricultural environment, on several acres of land. My home that i live in, is seated at the end of a gravel road, fits me and my family comfortably. The environment is quiet and peaceful  especially in the summer time when the only noises are the sounds of nature and the occasional farm equipment. My mother has a successful garden and we own own some pets. We have only a few neighbors and everything is usually pretty quiet. I live close to many stores and the college that i go to, so the commute is usually pretty short. We go on top of many field trips and that helps to keep a varied view of the world. My family and siblings usually enjoy the peaceful environment and each others company. I would not say that my home and the surrounding area is free from issues, we handle our share of environmental and political issues, but as a whole i would say that my home life is pretty much complete and healthy due to the effort put into it. We have a large gravel parkway and a few outbuildings.We have a landscape that is kept groomed, and an orchard that bears some fruit. Our land also provides us with a few nessecities such as heat in the form of fire wood and hay for our animals. In conclusion, i would say that my home is successful and a happy environment.  While their are needs, I have found perfection in the fact we try hard to maintain it and the fact that many people do without, so I have pride and awareness in the that I claim what many seek. A home is your base their you find safety and protection, it can be anywhere and can look away.

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