Friday, September 27, 2013

Nuclear Power

                                                                 Nuclear power

           Nuclear power was once seen as bad alternative energy, but when seen in comparison to other energies it has many pros. Nuclear power is more expensive than other energies and does pose the question as to where to put its waste. But it does produce large amounts of energy continuously through the day, something that cannot be said for coal combustion. Also nuclear can be reproduced and is not entirely a nonrenewable resource. Nuclear energy is also the one energy that creates massive amounts of energy and is seen as the one way for America and possibly the world to stop worrying about energy problems.
         Do not get me wrong nuclear power has had many problems over the years, such as lack of control over it and the major question of how to dispose of its hazardous waste. Many events can be seen that illustrate the lack of control over nuclear power, one of the best is the Chernobyl disaster. It occurred in 1986 and proved to many people that nuclear power was a way to destroy america not help it build. The other major issue is where to put its waste. Waste from nuclear power is dangerous and can be harmful to many creatures including humans, if put near them.
       After hearing these problems one can ask how does this affect me and why should I care. Well you should care because this is happening near your home, Earth and if someone does something to affect to the plant and wildlife in your home, doesn't this affect you. While you may think you don't have a active role there are many people who have the same opinion as you and do not realize that by sheer numbers peoples point of views can have affects and make a change. Be sure to know that if we change from nuclear power or to it what would happen and what would we change to.

         While I don't know whether or not to support or denounce nuclear power, I do know that the people who support it and reproduce it should get their facts right and learn to handle it in a safe way.People are getting injured and the waste can hurt many people if not disposed of in many ways. For people like me , who have not as of yet chosen a side, knowledge is the only way to see both sides objectively. I strive to learn more until I can choose a side. Until then I and everyone else should demand answers from people who suport what appears as a dangerous way to live. It is your right to demand answers, because after all we live on this world together, even if we are separated by social differences and water.

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