Friday, September 20, 2013

Challenge Update #1

                                               How is your challenge going?                            

!!!!No time to party!!!!
       My challenge is going pretty much okay. I have had to make some exceptions  though like I've used a lot of paper lately due to the fact that I am in College and that really doesn't help with the carbon footprint thing. I have cut down on power usage and I don't really use a lot of chemicals. My  most atrocious sin in the way of greenness is my college commute I do not really travel that far, but I am going to see what I can do about that to not seem like a hypocrite. Anyway I have been trying to print less, but last week I totally had to print 7 papers so that was not okay. I am going to try to update my blog challenge every now and then, but I am trying to maintain a A average so lets see how frequent this happens. I promise that I will not become discouraged, because of the lack of comments and readers. I think blogs are really cool and greener way to communicate than a piece of paper or a book. Anyway the blog and school are going okay, so as people say, "It's going to get worse before it gets better". So I hope this ends with a clear win for me good bye, and  be
safe until next time.

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