Thursday, September 5, 2013

Interpretation of "Called Home".

I am Ethanol and Corn!
I am greasy and inefficient!
A parched Land!
    A brief interpretation of Barbara Kingsolver's "Called Home"(an excerpt from her novel "Animal,Vegetable,Miracle)                                                                                                                   "Called Home" is a woman's literally chronicled story of her and her family's journey from and to different states of living. In Called Home, Barbara Kingsolver makes a drastic change in her life  by leaving her home and best friends in Tucson, to go embark on a sojourn that leads her and her family to the southern Appalachians and moderate self sufficiency. Her reasons for leaving Arizona were, because she wanted the food and water she and her family consumed to come from the land instead of being shipped for miles until it finally hit her table. Kingsolver wanted her children to experience real food (not processed, food where it is so processed it barely contains the "main ingredient"), she stressed the importance of knowing where your food comes (she wanted her children to know that  potatoes come from the ground and the milk for their cereal came from a animal or maybe soy),and most importantly she wanted her children to experience something her and her husband experienced as children, nature. She also stated that there is enough food to feed everyone in the world, but due to mismanagement and overeating, some people go hungry and others get fat.What she says is that this waste is unnecessary and people do this for profit and gluttony. Kingsolver felt as if the natural world was being exploited so much it would eventually stop healing and producing as much as it now does. Kingsolver saw how negative peoples views of nature are , dirty and bothersome,because food comes from "dirt" and nature rains on our days of leisure and realized that a lack of respect could lead to a down fall of humanity. Instead of seeing these things as nuisances she thought people should embrace the fact that we have earth to grow our food in and the fact that we have rain to nurture it with, even if rain falls on the day of our outdoor wedding. Kingsolver predicted that with all of the superfluous energy, that goes into food production and the abuse that nature undergoes daily (bug deterrent,weed killer and birth control pills) one day the world as we know it will no longer exist, there will actually be a food crisis(instead of food mismanagement)  their will be droughts and unbearable heat(due to global warming). If we continue inside of this fashion, the land will become bare and ruined and it will not fun.                                                                                                                     

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