Friday, December 6, 2013

Challenge: Update

We have to be one of a kind
About my challenge
Never give up, like ever!
          I have currently reached the end of my challenge and discovered that it was not that hard. My challenge was stop littering and maintain my vegetarian behaviors. All of which I have successfully acomplished. I am currently a vegetarian and have been that way for some years. I have also tried not to litter. My challenge was something doable and something I thought was easy. I am already fit and I already get good grades so I thought that would be redundant. Instead I am happy I chose to do this one, because it is easy and has shown me what I can do to affect the Earth. My teachers have aslo helped by showing me materials that promote being conscious, of your environment and your views. My challenge was easy, but I may find it harder later on as I add to it and see how it affects my future self. I do not think that being a vegetarian will be hard, as I do not like eating someone elses carcass that was "preserved". And I also am finding it easier to be more green. My next semester will be more green now that found out that I can e-mail some of my teachers assignments and I do not have to print up every little document. The review for this challenge is good, and I am sure that it will go better as time progresses. I think that is all I have to post for now, there were really no highlights of this challenge except the first post I did about it, which the post was pretty simple and small. I have gotten better at blogging and have even helped others set one up. So that pretty much all for now.

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