Sunday, January 12, 2014

To January and beyond

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I love trucks, but I want one lifted, I heard you
can get  up to 18 inches clearances, woohoo.

I love his poem "Poison Tree" and "Tyger".
   This January and forward, I will not be able to update. While I really like to blog, when I blog again it will be about something that really interest me, like sports or cars or William Blake. Back to reality, I have to study and I really have to become a nurse, so even though I like this it has to end. Below is a list of what I really need to do, just some of it.

  • Nursing entrance exam
  • Prerequisites
  • A whole bunch of other stuff

            I have not updated in a while as my favorite car has changed. I really like Lamborghini and the Audi is not bad. While I like the Chevrolet Silverado, I am leaning toward the Ford f series, more like the 350 or 450. But moving along I got on the honor role and I plan on maintaining above a 3.75, but all in all I really thought that last semester was awesome. But this is probably the last time I update, just to much stuff has to be done and by the time I get time, I won't want to update this blog, I will have moved on. Like anyone will care anyway, no one really reads this stuff, my blog will go down in the Google wasteland for old abandoned writings. If anyone ever reads this thing anyway, it will be a hundred years later and people will be saying look at how things were back then. Well, it's time to go, It was fun while it lasted and I have to leave now.

The Olympics are starting soon, yeah. Although Car Racing and MMA should be in the Olympics
Like Totally.

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