Wednesday, October 30, 2013

An interpretation of "real ugly,real fast"

                                                            Reading Response

          I recently read the Story Real Ugly, Real Fast by Jed Horne. This story was about Hurricane Katrina and about the aftereffects of the storm. In this story he outlines, how many people had nowhere to go and where therefore forced to take shelter in a place titled the "Dome". In here many people people were forced to abandon elderly people, or disabled people. The hygiene was less than ideal, which led to people having to improve latex gloves for feet protection for patients. Also many people did not have enough food. The shelter stank, had no privacy and held to many people. The conditions here were less than ideal and can lead to some people asking why would someone willingly put themselves inside of this position.Well the answer is that they wouldn't, people were not prepared and had no other plan and other means of survival. So they had to shelter in a place not fit for prolonged human life. Preparedness however would only have taken these unfortunate people only so far. Their homes being destroyed probably held any materials they could not immediately evacuate. Though the storm was very devastating this was a important lesson to everyone to be prepared and to that even the best plans can be destroyed. The people of who were devastated showed resilience in the fact that they did not let this setback, set them back.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The pursuit of education

                                                 The Subconscious Human Pursuit

Human's are constantly looking for ways to experience
The human knowledge base;
Will it keep it flying or
burn up and die?
happiness and learn, even if they do not think so. Earth's life forms since the dawn of their existence have philosophized and sought intelligence. This is partly because their curiosity and partly due to their inborn want to always improve themselves. Humans create elaborate social structures and put knowledge at the top of them. Even in this time of educational decay the humans of Earth are creating unique and life changing items. Humans have always tried to create objects to better serve themselves, they created cars to travel farther and faster, stoves to cook faster and more efficient, electrical lighting to light them at all hours safely, furnaces to heat without chopping wood and refrigerators to preserve food year round. Even though humans constantly push their boundaries and better their selves constantly, one can maybe think maybe human's are getting too smart for their own good? Maybe humans should just stop trying to better themselves, so much , and just settle down? Maybe this betterment comes at to ss than ideal. Yet education is held in high esteem, you need higher education in jobs to progress in many cases and people with degrees are more likely to get a job and keep it than people with less education. And schools have experienced a increase in tuition. This means that education is still one of the #1 values of Earth, yet Humans hold other values as a facade over it. But knowledge being the subconscious force behind drive, lives on throughout human pursuit.
School: A structure for the production of knowledge.
great of a price, our humanity, the land we call home? Why would we think this way? Because even though humans are bettering themselves they are destroying other lifeforms and their home world. Which both these things cannot be recreated successfully as of yet. And even if they can be in the near future is it worth it. Humans have even experienced decay of their educational structures due to a progressive collapse in their economical system. They have had to shut down schools and their drop out rates are le

Our Efforts

 A dying land

          The Earth is a magnificent structure, because of it's ability to produce and sustain all of it's life
forms. We do not have to go to other planets or universes to live we can exist on this planet, which as unlimited resources. One might say "This world does not have unlimited resources, look at human hunger and energy needs". But this is inaccurate, because Earth's resources are just abused and human greed powers these problems. If Earth's resources were not overused we would all have enough for a really long time.

It is proven that while some countries are starving some are borderline obese. America has expanded in recent years, not just weight wise, but also object wise. America constantly buys stuff and then junks objects. America is responsible for some of the largest amounts of junk in the world. And it is not just because of the American population. There are countries with more population, the problem is greed. If sharing occurred, many people would do without hunger problems. American's however are not the only to blame we live in a world where commercialization and objects are held in higher regard than human life. We have to change before the end comes.  The humans of Earth has pushed some animals to near extinction, then after the fact they try fix the problem with zoo's and other unnatural environments. We have change before the damage from  pollution becomes permanent. Although the Earth since it is greater than ourselves can probably heal itself, but definitely not in our lifetime or our children. This is why we must show responsibility and stop this pollution, now. Even those of us who are trying to lower our Carbon Footprint, if we do not spread awareness to our families and friends we are not doing our part. Like the domino effect if we tell some people those people will tell others until a large population knows and is working towards it.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Role Models

                                     What is a Role Model?

           What is a Role Model? A role models is a person who's actions or behavior others choose to emulate. This person serves as a example for many people and that means children,
You can make a difference.
!!!!Express yourselves!!!!
adults and even social standards. People change themselves to fit social molds that was created by role models. What these people are emulating can be either positive or negative. The influence can also be widespread or be low-spread, the influence is effected by people's susceptibility and the presence of other role models. Role models are humans like other people and are therefore susceptible to changes and negativity. That means that people who are role models can do negative actions that affect many people, this is why role models have to watch what they do because their not just acting for themselves but for others as well. This brings us back to the question "What is a role model?", this can be further answered as anyone. Meaning anyone is and can be a role model. People have a audience that watches them and emulates their behavior, if the action is negative the role model is not only hurting themselves but also everyone following them. This why true responsibility is watching not only your behavior but also how your behavior will affect others. When I say anyone is a role model I mean that everyone is emulated by someone, this includes celebrities, family members, politicians, professors and students. Role models are not limited to a certain group of people, or a certain criteria. Role models are not excuses though for us to mess up and then blame them. Being different and not conforming is a good way to stretch your personal limits. We have to filter through negativity, not absorb it. Role models are examples their mistakes teach us what not to do.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Are we being responsible to the future generation?

        We might be slightly stuck on selves, but the world does not revolve around us. The world
is constantly moving toward the future and that means the constant growth, rebuilding and reassigning of nearly everything in existence. This concepts means not only political leaders, human built structures and the human aging process, but new generations of humans and other life form. Humans of the older generation are always responsible for the rearing and education of the younger generation. These humans are responsible for keeping the Earth safe, creating lasting and fair laws and dealing with other nations and human groups. But sometime the elder generation becomes lax and does not handle their responsibility. The result? Groups who are unfairly treated because bogus and excluding laws, nations who are treated in a improper fashion and a Earth that is taxed, abused and milked dry of resources. These actions are only teaching the next generation that they are okay to continue and leaving this generation with a very raw deal. Since we are all role models we have to be careful what we do, say or how we act, because youth watching are learning from this behavior and will emulate it. Conservation is a important factor in our lives as role models,we destroy the Earth and use all of it's resources with little thought to the others. By causing global warming and helping create conditions that facilitate polar ice caps to melt, we are being inconsiderate. We have to be mindful of what teach the future generation. Because these principles, morale's and values that they learn in their developmental stages will define them and this world, because the world is only what we make it. Handling events is especially important, because the way they see us handle events or people that are classified as different will be the way they handle people. We have to be diverse and teach equality and show them that freedom is a right that all Earth's life form inherit.

Effect of technology on daily life

                                                Technology: Friend or Foe

In this day and age technology can be applied to basically any problem or situation that presents itself. This dependence upon technology has resulted in the lessening of communication in human households and a decay Earth's social structure. This decay can be attributed to the fact that humans are using more computers, phones and portable music players and ignoring human contact and human interaction more. Instead of sharing meals and
spending time together they watch television shows, which shows artificial situations and does not promote living in the real world. Watching TV and playing video games has people using artificial characters as their role models instead of parents and other people around them. This can lead to a skewed perception of reality. Portable music players while they can allow for relaxation and blocking out of life stressor's and other unfavorable life situations (Blocking out the stressor is not helpful for building positive coping and problem solving methods). These technological devices are prime examples of distractions that can affect all aspects of your life including school, jobs and family life. And distractions if not properly handled can cause low grades, low performance in your jobs and estrangement from family members, work friends, or even fellow students. While there are countless ways that these devices can affect your in negative ways, they can also influence you. TV's can help you see parts of the world that would otherwise be unattainable. People can also use TV's for relaxation and to update them on important news updates such as weather warnings and political developments. And children can even benefit from a wide range of educational shows that are shown on networks. Video games can be a source of entertainment and can be educational. Some consoles even include physical aspects that includes the player to move. The incorporating of exercise is good, because America is growing obese, due to the fact of less physical activity and more sedentary behavior. Another massive problem is the over use of computers. The term computers is very broad due to the fact that almost every technological devices contains a computer, I however narrowed it down to mean Desktop computers and Laptop computers.These computers can be a source of knowledge, allowing it's users to access massive online intelligence caches. However, their use should be policed, because children and others can access inappropriate material. Technology in the home can be a useful addition if properly monitored and not overused. Technology is only as good as it's user.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Water (Earth Life force)

                                                   WATER (Earth's Life Force)

          Water is needed for all life forms and cover's 71% of Earth's surface. It is a chemical compound that is found in large concentrations in oceans and seas. While 3.5% is found in found in ice caps, groundwater and vapor, 95.6% is found in ocean and seas.

Water is seen as earth's force, being present in almost every object Earth wide in some proportion. And even though water is present almost anywhere and needed by everyone only 2.5% is fresh water. And of this shrinking proportion only a small amount is accessible for drinking and consumption. Water can be seen as a baffling object due to the fact that it is necessary for human survival even though it contains barely any nutrients and absolutely no calories. It is lack's a odor and taste and the only physical property it has is being liquid and clear.Water however is useful for human hygiene, food preparation, cooling and transportation and it's uses in agriculture. Even  though being a needed asset many people do without water or clean water. More than 2.5 billion lack adequate water for sanitation, and another billion lack access to appropriate drinking water. And due to pollution many people in the near future will have trouble getting access to clean water. This is insane since Earth  is covered in the resource of water. The large volume of water that is on top of Earth makes it unique, since many planets do not have water in such large volumes. Although water is probably in large supply elsewhere due to the large amount of hydrogen and oxygen that is contained in other areas of the galaxy and possibly the universe. But Water is not only is needed for Earth's life's forms it is also used to keep a constant temperature in the atmosphere. Many people know the importance of water and it's needs in human societies. These people study water's movement uses, pollution and other aspects in a study called hydrology. Hydrologist study many aspects of water including it's potability. Potable Water is considered water that is drinkable water. Water such as this goes through massive filtration and distillations to rid it of natural pollutants and human made pollutants. Even though human pollutants can be more dangerous due to the fact that they create dangerous forms of waste water called grey water(is treatable) or backwater (contains sewage). Water is 1 of the most important things needed in the world. Yet it is also one the most neglected and over sold assets in the world. Water is sold by many companies at inflated prices even though it was for free. People also validate massive cleaning processes for water, that in many cases is not necessary and sometimes even inadequate. Water is one of the most needed assets in the world, we should protect like we try to protect and youth and our lives. Water is our future and a right, by destroying water we are systematically destroying the world and our value as humans.
The process of a free right (Water)

Friday, October 11, 2013



          Some popular quotes on time is that "time flies when you having fun" and "time is only has as fast as its user" have took on a large meaning to me. Time has appeared to move faster, since I have entered college. But I know that time has not really sped up that much, but instead my perception and focus on time has changed. My work load has changed, therefore, I have less time to do assignments and even some superfluous task. Addressing the quote "time is only has as fast as its user" I have been moving faster as to get more out of the time available to me. I have prioritized sufficiently as to get the most out of my time and have been rewarded with a balanced life. I have observed that though there may seem to be less time, the time you have if balanced properly can always suffice. Moving to fast ,however, should be avoided. Imagine if you move so fast that you lose track of what you are doing and cannot recall what you did. This can manifests itself as speed reading or any task (religious, educational or otherwise) that is performed so fast that it is not fully processed by the person doing it. Be mindful of your task, you can be fast and efficient. I have realized that if you internalize your task you get better results and get it done faster.As the saying goes "time flies when you having fun". So enjoy your task, for even faster results.

Friday, October 4, 2013

My passion

                                                                      My Passion


          For a class project I was asked to describe my passion. I have found this task very hard , because  I can not describe my passion or determine what it is . So I will state my passion as "trying to find my
passion" or worth in the world. I am currently in school to become a nurse, I want to become a nurse but I would not consider my passion as caring for others. I am currently using school as way to mature myself and help me determine what my passion is. My pursuit of a passion can help me, more than other peoples finite passions by giving me options and a choice for which options to choose and not being influenced my own subconscious. Passion that are definite lead the person to already have a predetermined path. I think that it is not uncommon for people to not  know what their passion is and to search for long time for it. I think inside of these cases their passion it not yet determined, but is instead the pursuit of a passion or worth. My pursuit of a passion will help me try harder to succeed. I will perhaps find my passion somewhere along my long journey through college or perhaps at the end of my life. My search of a passion will lead me to look more closely at aspects of life and examine them with care. Also I think that one person can have many passions that help define them and give them worth. In hindsight I think that my pursuit of a passion will lead me down many roads and eventually to different lands and experiences. Peoples passions enrich and define them and mine can do so as well.So as long as I stay creative,passion should come to me and if not I still maintain creativity which will be useful in all my endeavors. So a word to us all is to stay creative , even if you have a passion.