Friday, December 6, 2013

Challenge: Update

We have to be one of a kind
About my challenge
Never give up, like ever!
          I have currently reached the end of my challenge and discovered that it was not that hard. My challenge was stop littering and maintain my vegetarian behaviors. All of which I have successfully acomplished. I am currently a vegetarian and have been that way for some years. I have also tried not to litter. My challenge was something doable and something I thought was easy. I am already fit and I already get good grades so I thought that would be redundant. Instead I am happy I chose to do this one, because it is easy and has shown me what I can do to affect the Earth. My teachers have aslo helped by showing me materials that promote being conscious, of your environment and your views. My challenge was easy, but I may find it harder later on as I add to it and see how it affects my future self. I do not think that being a vegetarian will be hard, as I do not like eating someone elses carcass that was "preserved". And I also am finding it easier to be more green. My next semester will be more green now that found out that I can e-mail some of my teachers assignments and I do not have to print up every little document. The review for this challenge is good, and I am sure that it will go better as time progresses. I think that is all I have to post for now, there were really no highlights of this challenge except the first post I did about it, which the post was pretty simple and small. I have gotten better at blogging and have even helped others set one up. So that pretty much all for now.

Next Semester and now

This semester
          As I think about this semester I realize that it was really successful. Even though it not already over, I am in the process of doing my finals. I think that at the beginning it was really hard, because I not understand how things worked and I struggled because the school structure was something that I have never encountered before in my life. The first paper I wrote was kind of bad due to the fact that I did not fully read the information, and I struggled to find that happy balance between school and home life. I think that if I had of been more prepared I would have gotten a higher A, but a A is a A, there is really no difference between a 98 and a 91. I think I did well in the fact that I have tried hard and did all extra credit. I do not know my final grade but their is noway I am going to get less that a B, but I am pretty sure that I will get a A in all courses. Even though this semester wasa pretty good I am sure that next semester will be 10 times better. I taking the same course load and harder courses, but the balance I have found and now that I know what I dealing with I am ten times sure that I will duplicate the success that I have found in this semester. I have to get a move on though, spring registration has already started and I am suppose to attend for that semester as well. I am excited to continue and get done as soon as possible. I want to start new courses and do better on them, to increase my chances of scholarship and to prepare myself for my career in and out of college. I am not sure what courses I will have to take next year, but I hope that I find a enjoyable course, like I done this year. I found out that chemistry was very interesting and have decided to pursue higher degrees in it later on. This semester was really good and I plan on utilizing extra credit next year as well. Extra credit even though I did not really need it, was a happy sight for me. I was very hapopy to improve my grades and this extra credit acts like a buffer between me and bad grades. So I think thats all about ny grades until finals come in and I start new courses.


Monday, December 2, 2013

Money #1

                                               Currency: The basis of a kingdom

Money is the bases of world trade. While there are several types of money, it all means the same thing. It is all used for all the same thing, to trade for goods. Since the dawn of humanity people have used money to buy things that they find of use to them. They have bought things such as animals, play stations  food and even clothing. And what is bought is as diverse as the currency that is used people use things like cowry shells, salt,  silver and gold to buy what they find or think is neccesary for their survival. But people usually give little thought to the value of money, it's origination or what it is going to be in the future. In the past, items that were rare in your area of living were acquired from someone else home for something that was rare to them. Like fish if you were landlocked you would get sea foods from someone that needed food from your place of living. But as money evolved it turned into hard metal circular objects that in my opinion are very confusing and not very practical. I mean what are you supposed to do with little circular metal coins that you cannot ea or do basically anything with except trade for goods. The coins also have little value, they are made useless metals. Not only is most money made out of useless metals, some of the metals are made of "precious" metals, called precious because they are real rare. This is very baffling and backwards, you have circular metal objects called coins that you back with more circular objects made of "precious" metals and then you expect your economy to be fine. How is your money worth anything if you have nothing of value in stock. One thing that did occur in the past was that people always did have something of value in stock. Always something of use that everyone could use, and some useless stuff, but they always something of value. Cowry shells, salt, ivory, and silks, thees riches are what kingdoms were built on. Now people have circular metal objects that they think is turn their kingdom into a really great one. Wrong, while some kingdoms in the past had some metal(useless) currency they always had trade and barter systems that is the reason why some of them had long times when they possessed power over little nations. In my opinion it takes a good currency to turn a nation into a kingdom and it is not going to happen by having useful currency. People have to know you are financially better that them, that is why in the past many people would send riches from their homes to other nations that they were trying to impress. They would show how their citizens were spending currency that had high value, if the value was low this showed that the place did not care for their citizens or the place was poor. By not having useful currency I think that places are showing that they care nothing for themselves and nothing for their economy. Look at this if people go into need, will they want a chicken or eggs or some coins. While it depends on the type of need they are in it is simple that if they are will at least need the chickens or eggs. Especially since money loses more and more of its value as the time goes on. What will buy something today, in the near future the price will go up and that will no longer will be able to bought with that type of money. We have to realize the price of things and see that not all currency is a good one. While I do not think I know everything I am at least entitled to my opinions. And my opinion states that I do not think that I do not think that the current currency is a sustainable one. We have to look for sustainable economies and resources that can build a kingdom. That means we must find a currency that will never lose value in any situation, economic or otherwise live in a bankrupt system.


December is here

                                                    The beginning of the end of the year

Wintertime activities.
I never gave mine hats though
No winter, means really fake hockey.
          It is currently December, which is if nobody knows is the beginning of the year of the year. December is the last month of the year and is suppose to be one of the coldest. Sadly December is no longer that cold it has gotten warmer in recent years, and because of it the beautiful snow that lit it up at the end of the year has disappeared. Instead all is left is muddy tracks and some cold days. Still even though this winter light has begun to cease to light up the world with its beauty and majestic power, the world continues to dance and party during their festivities without recognizing the change of this marvelous world. I really do hope this year that there is a beautiful snow and the characteristic coldness alights upon our side of the earth. I hope that we are again graced by its beauty. Winter time is a time for realizing the change of the world and its affect on us. While I know that many people die during this time, this time was given to us by the earth and we cannot go changing the world, without changing its nature. I do not want to appear cold, but if the world is changed from its original state, humans and animals will both lose some of their habitats and some will even die. Imagine growing up in a world flooded with water, with polar bears seeing as they all drowned. Children will never know the fun of making snowmen and snow forts. But while I think that humans are hurting the Earth, I really do doubt that humans will destroy the earth though. I really think that the earth is going to heal itself with or without us. And by without us I mean that we will push ourselves to extinction and the earth may never again experience human life. Why? Because we discounted the powerlessness of this one cold bitter season. No matter how cold it is, I think it is awesome. It is a time for fun in the new environment it affords us, snow. Snow and also ice, both these elements can be used to create forts, snowballs, and snow men. Many sports like the winter Olympics would never happen outside of artificial environments like refrigerated rooms. Are we as humans ready to let go of hockey, ice skating and snow boarding? If we are not, then fight for it. We need this place for our children and for ourselves to enjoy this place together. Take a vacation in the equator if you do not want to stay in cold environments. As for everyone else, grab a parka and a pair of boots. This is the world we live in, so we all need to get with it and save our planet. We need to recycle and stop polluting. All this pollution is mostly , just us going against our nature. Every-time I recycle or eat a vegetarian meal I think about what I might be saving. Something like a snowmen, a baby cow or a chicken or maybe some birds habitat(paper). But whatever we save we have to be sure that we are mindful. This land will soon be covered in a blanket of white snow and when and if it is think of how dear it is to you. For me I love it like I love myself.
Sledding is really fun, do not
deprive your kids.
They can go compete professionally
if we keep the Earth straight.