Friday, December 6, 2013

Next Semester and now

This semester
          As I think about this semester I realize that it was really successful. Even though it not already over, I am in the process of doing my finals. I think that at the beginning it was really hard, because I not understand how things worked and I struggled because the school structure was something that I have never encountered before in my life. The first paper I wrote was kind of bad due to the fact that I did not fully read the information, and I struggled to find that happy balance between school and home life. I think that if I had of been more prepared I would have gotten a higher A, but a A is a A, there is really no difference between a 98 and a 91. I think I did well in the fact that I have tried hard and did all extra credit. I do not know my final grade but their is noway I am going to get less that a B, but I am pretty sure that I will get a A in all courses. Even though this semester wasa pretty good I am sure that next semester will be 10 times better. I taking the same course load and harder courses, but the balance I have found and now that I know what I dealing with I am ten times sure that I will duplicate the success that I have found in this semester. I have to get a move on though, spring registration has already started and I am suppose to attend for that semester as well. I am excited to continue and get done as soon as possible. I want to start new courses and do better on them, to increase my chances of scholarship and to prepare myself for my career in and out of college. I am not sure what courses I will have to take next year, but I hope that I find a enjoyable course, like I done this year. I found out that chemistry was very interesting and have decided to pursue higher degrees in it later on. This semester was really good and I plan on utilizing extra credit next year as well. Extra credit even though I did not really need it, was a happy sight for me. I was very hapopy to improve my grades and this extra credit acts like a buffer between me and bad grades. So I think thats all about ny grades until finals come in and I start new courses.


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